GreenTecStyle®, a smart solution

Our GreenTecStyle® green walls combine nature and technology in a smart way. An engineered composite made out of fleeces, grids and tarpauline provides a habitat for plants an insects where normally no greenery would survive. The light weight structure ensures an ergonomic solution and allows fast installation.

The technicalities

Textile composite

Our green textile is a textile composite consisting of lightweight, yet strong and durable textiles.

GreenTecStyle® consists of a waterproof flame retardant backing with layers of water-retaining and root-permeating felts. The two mesh layers respectively hold the plant firmly in place and provide a structural reinforcement of the complex.

Flame retardant and waterproof

The waterproof backing of the green textile complex allows installation without compromising the wall/ area behind it.

We obtained the flame retardancy according to EN13501 1, 2018.

With 50% moist content GreenTecStyle® has certificate class C - s2, d0 and with 100% moist content we obtained flame retardant certificate class B-s2, d0 .

Pre-cut pockets for plants and sensors

Our ready-to-use pocket system has a size of 15 by 15 cm. The plant density is homogenously distributed over the textile composite. The smart pocket system allows you to rapidly plant ± 45 plants in 1 m² of green textile in 10 minutes or less.

The pockets are (15 cm x 15 cm) compatible with the conventional humidity and temperature sensors. Sensors allow you to monitor the status of the wall and watering system remotely via a dedicated application.

Pre-made watering sleeves

Green textile products are foreseen with premade watering sleeves designed to uniformly fertigate the system. The sleeves easily fit one to two 16 mm drip tubes.

The pressure-compensated watering hoses required for fertigation of the plants can be rapidly installed using the foreseen sleeve. Hoses can be removed for inspection and maintenance.

Standardized mounting system

Keders can be added to the contours of the green textile composite for cost-efficient installation and proper weight distribution. The use of keders allows the complex to be easily tensioned using the standardized mounting system. Other types of finishing include rings for bolting the complex or water impermeable side flaps to guide the water along the edges.

Standard delivered width and length

Our green textile is produced on a standard width of 185 cm, smaller versions can easily be tailored to your specific requirements.

The green textile products are available on rolls of 25 meters. One standard roll can thus cover a 45 m² area. With a total weight of one standard roll of approximately 150 kilos, The textile keder-system along the composite slides fluently into the lightweight aluminum keder-profiles while unrolling.

Tailored variations are possible

Our manufacturing experts can pre-cut the complex in any shape with straight or rounded edges. They can add keder joints or insert rings as you please. With more than 100 years of textile tradition and specialised expertise in tensile architecture (for tents, solar shadings, façade elements, …) we can tailor the green walls entirely to your needs.

Easy and very fast installation

Green textile can be rapidly installed using dedicated keder profiles or bolted to a structure via O-rings. For larger walls, the keder system is recommended as it allows the composite to be tensioned for the best result.

Mounting to the wall

Our green walls can be mounted directly to load-bearing walls, it can be mounted on a load-bearing support structure, or mounted on a free-standing frame. The composite is lightweight and flexible, allowing few workers easy and fast installation in any desired shape or position.

GreenTecStyle® green walls can be used for greening vertical walls and pitched roofs. In both setup styles the pockets can be used and fertigation is required.

Ultra-thin and lightweight

With a thickness of about 1.5 cm, Sioen’s green textile is thin and flexible, allowing it to be used for curved wall designs and/or room separators.

GreenTecStyle® is ultra-lightweight (3,3 - 3,5 g/m²). Completely saturated with water and including
plants, the green textile substrate weighs approximately 12 kg/m².

The total weight of the green textile composite including potting substrate, plants and under typical irrigation regimes weighs approximately 10-30 kg/m².

When the pockets are filled to their maximum capacity of potting substrate and the system is completely saturated with water, the maximum weight can go up to 60 kg/m² illustrating its water holding capacity in different configurations.


A composite that can follow the shape of a building, a rooftop, a city green space even if this is curved or unconventionally shaped.

For outdoor use

Use GreenTecStyle® green walls outdoor as façade cover, visual screen, sound barrier and/or aesthetic element in urban surroundings and along motorways.

For indoor use

GreenTecStyle®green walls used indoor generates green spaces and oases of tranquillity. In (semi-)public spaces such as airports, stations, offices, hotels and hospitals amongst others, the green textile can be incorporated in benches and resting areas or as vertical ecosystem attached to or in front of a wall.