The importance of green(ery)

There are plenty of scientific reports that emphasise the importance of greenery in our daily lives. We are convinced that GreenTecStyle® will play an important role in the cities and public buildings of tomorrow. Studies have shown that integrating green in cities, offices and public spaces has numerous advantages.

The benefits of green walls

Reducing heat stress

Planting of vegetation is one of the main strategies to mitigate the urban heat island (UHI) effect. Our green textile has two modes of action to reduce heat stress, passive and active. First, it acts as a building skin preventing the walls from being hit with sunlight and thus reducing the heat walls will build up. Secondly, the use of irrigation will allow our GreenTecStyle® green walls and its plants to evaporate water, which in turn will provide some cooling effect compared to conventional walls.

Improving the mental health of people

Outdoor: Green textile can create a peaceful, aesthetically pleasing environment. Green walls increase the quality of life by introducing natural elements, insects and potentially small wildlife into the urban environment. Green textile creates a more enjoyable working and living environment due to the introduction of plants which in turn may improve one’s sense of wellbeing.

Indoor: Our green textile creates a peaceful and aesthetically appealing environment, improve one’s mindfulness, increase the indoor air quality and mitigate noise pollution.

The GreenTecStyle® green walls can help create a more enjoyable working and living environment through the concept of biophilia. This concept represents our inclination to be drawn to other living things, which leads to a reduction in stress and improved social interactions.

Studies show that exposure to greenery improves the attention levels and cognitive functioning of children at school. For office workers, a green view from their window and plants inside of the office provide micro-restorative opportunities, resulting in greater effectiveness and satisfaction at work.


When installed outdoors, green textile walls are beacons of life: flowers attract pollinators such as bees, bumblebees, and butterflies.

Provide insulation and visual barriers

The GreenTecStyle®green walls and the plants that thrive on it provide acoustic and thermal insulation, keeping the houses/apartments/offices/buildings cool in summer and holding the heat of the radiators inside in winter. The GreenTecStyle® composite and its plants can disperse and dampen sound waves, making the composite an interesting solution for sound barriers in offices, homes, and along roads.

Green walls (created with the GreenTecStyle®) can serve as a barrier to screen unwanted views or block (in any case considerably reduce) noise from e.g. busy highways.

Greater usage of public green spaces

It is known that green spaces bring people together. By providing a cool micro-climate in urban surroundings, the vertical ecosystem created with green textile  encourage greater usage of public green spaces. Communities come together to bond and enjoy recreational activities in green areas. This reduces social isolation and improves social connections in a city. In summer, green spaces are cooler and hence more pleasant compared to conventional (=grey) urban environments. Green textile walls have been shown to cool the surrounding environment by up to 5°C.

Economic advantages

The GreenTecStyle® (vertical) eco-systems, may generate savings in energy costs for cooling and heating and increase the values of homes/buildings with well-maintained landscapes and green accents up to 20%.

Improving climate and indoor air quality

All of the above and the fact that plants reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere could make our GreenTecStyle® green walls part of an effective solution against global warming.